Sake Appreciation Experience w/ Haru Singapore & Epicurean Nomads


Sake Appreciation Experience w/ Haru Singapore & Epicurean Nomads

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As you can tell by our name, you’d pretty much know that we’re Japanophiles, and that includes our love for Sake, an age-old yet underrated spirit. Hence, we’re excited to present a bespoke Sake Pairing Appreciation Experience in collaboration with Haru Singapore and Epicurean Nomads. Join us for a night of rich and tantalizing flavours with a carefully curated menu inspired by the 4 seasons of Japan, featuring free-flow premium sakes from esteemed Japanese breweries, paired with artisanal canapés.

On the Menu:

Nabesima Junmai Ginjo YamadaNishiki,  Saga x Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi with Kombu, Tobiko & Chives

Hagi no Tsuru Junmai Ginjo Betsushikomi Summer Nekko x Wagyu Beef with Bulgogi Glaze, Pickled Pear & Spring Onions


Ozeno Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo Hiyaoroshi x Uni with Yuzu Soy Dressed Buckwheat Soba & Furikake

Yuho Junmai Origarami Nama Genshu,  Ishikawa x Smoked Duck with Tempura Crispies, Togarashi & Seaweed Lettuce

Date: Saturday, 4th August 2018

Time: 7pm

Price: Single - $120/pax, Group of 4 - $400/4 pax

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