Lunar New Year and the Coming of Spring


The Lunar New Year (LNY) brings forth reunions, festive cheer and dining tables in abundance of food. It’s a joyous time of year and we always look forward to spending time with our nearest and dearest. However, when it comes to styling and shooting LNY festive sets, it is honestly tricky as the usual red/oriental motifs are so ‘overdone’. Nevertheless, we love a challenge that can stretch our creative minds. After all, our motto is to #refineandredefine the status quo!


To overcome this, we decided to play around with softer pink tones, bright blooms and silk lanterns to bring out the oriental vibes. Balancing out the Chinese elements, we used modern dining ware with the Spring Collection of Facture Goods plates, shiny gold cutlery (because gold is auspicious in Chinese culture), as well as glass tea cups for a play on texture and material.


It took us a good 4 hours to get the set together and another 1.5 hours to complete the shooting in multiple angles. However, at the end we got to enjoy a mini team reunion dinner at the end! Here’s wishing all of you health, wealth, fortune and prosperity in the coming of spring. We hope the year of the pig will bring you an abundance in joy and success in all your endeavours. On behalf of the Chun Team, 春风如意,新年快乐!