Lunar New Year Corporate Gifting



Creatives: C.R Tan (Photographer/Director), Ryan Foo (Culinary Consultant), Claire Chin (Copywriting) & Dan Chia (Packaging Design)

To usher in the year of the golden pig in true Chun Tsubaki fashion, no effort was spared to spread festive cheer and good tidings to our friends and corporate clients. Truth be told, it was a very rushed job but the team worked efficiently to produce their respective collaterals.

The first aspect of our Lunar New Year gifting involved ‘Red Packets’. Red is the traditional colour of the festive season for it signifies warmth, good fortune and prosperity in the spring festival. However, we wanted to refine and redefine these red packets, to allow our design to stand out among the commonplace red packets while retaining oriental elements. Hence, the decision was made to have it in our corporate Navy. blue, with elements of camellias and cherry blossoms, emblems of spring as well as our branding of ‘Tsubaki’.

The second element of our corporate gifting was our Miso Caramel Tarts with Pork Floss. Cookies and sweets are often given to friends and relatives, to wish them glad tidings and sweet success. Inspired by Pineapple Tarts, we decided to switch things up with a miso caramel filing encased in a buttery melt-in-your-mouth crust, and finally garnished with pork floss for decadence.

Here’s wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous Lunar New Year, with blessings of abundance and success!