Colonial Club


Creatives: C.R Tan (Photographer/Stylist), Dan Chia (Design)


Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Colonial Club’s menu reflects pays tribute to Singapore’s heritage as a British Colony, serving a myriad of local dishes with a refreshing British Twist. Here, familiar dishes of local hawker food is given a royal treatment, cooked with familiar flavours and presented elegantly. The brief was simple, to showcase the vibrant colours of these dishes, presenting it in a way that was new and refreshing yet rooted in an iconic Singaporean identity.

To achieve this, we made use of simple concrete and marble bases so that the colours of the food could easily speak for itself, creating natural contrast for it to shine. We also sourced for traditional serveware, porcelain bowls, plates and saucers commonly used in households or local restaurants. Finally, we utilised the decor of Colonial Club itself so that the menu could be tied back to the restaurant.

As for the menu design, the emphasis was used on the pictures so that customers could easily and quickly make a decision based on the dynamic shots. The vision was to keep it clean and simple, without too much distraction from the images. Finally, a Peranakan-inspired art deco frame was used for the cover to further accentuate the East meets West/local heritage concept.